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Handbell Manager for Ringingroom

Page history last edited by R H Johnston 10 months, 1 week ago

Software to support hand bell and tower bell simulators,

A) Handbell Manager for Ringingroom.com,

B) Serial Port interface for Tower Bell simulators for Ringingroom.com (see here)

C) Interface for mobile phones as motion controllers for Ringingroom.com and Abel (see here)

D) Interface for mobile phones as motion controllers for Handbell Manager and Handbell Stadium (see here)


A) Graham John's Handbell Manager adapted to work with handbell-like motion controllers



Ringingroom.com provides a virtual belfry environment for ringers to ring together at a distance. It accepts keystrokes.  Using controllers, with real ringers on every bell, every pair of hand bells, it is now possible to ring performances which meet the Central Council framework criteria for peals.


A new version of Handbell Manager is now available to run with Ringing Room and Muster as well as Abel and Beltower, which is keystroke safe is now here (v 1.4.1 bug fixed).

NB this program will NOT work without the ActionXL controllers, or a suitable substitute which sends accelerometer data to the program, as here .


It is expected to appear as an official Handbell Manager release at GitHub shortly.


Handbell Manager works with ActionXL controllers (available from his website) to provide a substitute for handbells. 

It was originally designed to work with Abel, Beltower and other desktop simulators. It runs on Windows computers.




The older version of the program is still available as follows as it may be useful with other platforms that the above program does not support


NB this program will NOT work without the ActionXL controllers.


You must first download and install Handbell Manager from the Handbell Manager website.


The adapted program is attached in this zip file.

Unzip and place it with your other handbell manager files.

1) Open your browser and go to ringingroom.com and open a room. 


WARNING:  This MUST be done first, because the current version of the program sends keystrokes to whatever program currently has focus (i.e is the active window on the screen) This will be corrected soon.


The program does not protect you against misuse - if you operate the controllers with another program's window open it will get the keystrokes, which could have unexpected, inconvenient, possibly catastrophic effects, if those keystrokes make the program do something unexpected.  No liability can be accepted for any such misuse.

2) Open the modified Handbell manager for ringingroom.

3) The Options are now set to ring the pair at the bottom of the ringingroom screen by default.  (Ringing room lets you move all the bells around)

{Otherwise the bells you want to ring can be defined explicitly in "Options", so
if you want to ring 3 & 4, set
Handbell 1 Backstroke and Handstroke to 3
Handbell 2 Backstroke and Handstroke to 4  }

The buttons perform actions that are useful in ringingroom.

4) Bring ringingroom in your browser back into focus (the controllers won't work until you do)

5) You can now ring the bells

6) To avoid sending keystrokes to other programs, close Handbell Manager for Ringingroom  before closing the browser page.


Let me know if there are any problems.


R H Johnston 6.4.2020, 15.4.2020, 20.4.2020, 6.5.2020, 11.5.2020, 18.6.2020

Other Ringing Training Materials


Website through which I can be contacted




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