Interface for Ringingroom_com for Towerbell simulators

Interface for Ringing Room (, or, Muster, Abel, Beltower etc for Tower bell simulators


Background provides a virtual belfry environment for ringers to ring together at a distance. It accepts keystrokes.  Using controllers, with real ringers on every "bell", it is now possible to ring performances at a distance which meet the Central Council framework criteria for peals.  Muster also allows this.


This interface works with tower bells and tower bell simulators which send their timings to Windows Desktop simulators like Abel via the Serial port, either via the control signals in the Serial port, or by sending characters by the serial port (e.g Bagley box).


The program is attached in this zip file. (Updated to 0.7.1f 21.6.2020) 


None of the early versions now works due to changes to Ringingroom

(Version 0.3 was a completely new program, but did not always work

Version 0.4 now believed to work properly

Version 0.5 missing bell strokes on some installations fixed)(15.4.2020)

Version 0.5.1 bug fix 26.4.2020)


Versions that work

Version (9.6.2020) Accommodate changes to ringingroom's format. (As this program is simple and works it is still available for Ringingroom ONLY)

Version 0.6 not issued

Version 0.7 Limited circulation

Version 0.7.1a 16.6.2020 - adds many features including  support for all platforms, improved performance with noisy switches, choice of sensor point to use.

Version 0.7.1e 21.6.2020 - improved efficiency and accuracy of timing, bug fixes, simplified installation and modification of user parameters, etc. - may crash at installation use 0.7.1f

Version 0.7.1f 21.6.2020 - bug fix


Unzip and place it anywhere.

1) Open your browser and go to and open a room. 


Versions before 7.1: This MUST be done first, because the  program won't be able to find ringing room 

Later versions need the program window open unless the program uses the open option which sends characters to any program that has focus (use with care!)


2) Open the interface program and follow its brief instructions.

3) In ringing room, the options are now set to ring the right hand bell at the bottom of the Ringingroom screen.  (Ringing room lets you move all the bells around)

4) The program will  ringingroom in your browser back into focus automatically

5) You can now ring your bells


Other platforms work much the same way


Let me know if there are any problems. 

R H Johnston 6.4.2020, 15.4.2020, 20.4.2020, 8.6.2020, 9.6.2020, 16.6.2020, 21.6.2020

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