Interface for Ringingroom_com for Towerbell simulators

Interface for Ringing Room (, or, Muster, Abel, Beltower etc for Tower bell simulators


Background provides a virtual belfry environment for ringers to ring together at a distance. It accepts keystrokes.  Using controllers, with real ringers on every "bell", it is now possible to ring performances at a distance which meet the Central Council framework criteria for peals.  Muster also allows this.


This interface works with tower bells and tower bell simulators which send their timings to Windows Desktop simulators like Abel via the Serial port, either via the control signals in the Serial port, or by sending characters by the serial port (e.g Bagley box).


The program is attached in this zip file. (Updated to 0.8.3c 29.5.2022)


Bespoke.ini file to force use of short signal mode, for use if signals are being missed (Do not use unless essential as it makes the detection sensitive to electrical interference.  Unzip this read only file into the installation folder and provided it is not overwritten, this setting will endure through program updates) Needs v0.8.2d1 or later).


Dumbbell Society Website - for people wanting to ring distanced with others using this interface - includes  useful info relating ton the use of this software.



None of the early versions now works due to changes to Ringingroom

(Version 0.3 was a completely new program, but did not always work

Version 0.4 now believed to work properly

Version 0.5 missing bell strokes on some installations fixed)(15.4.2020)

Version 0.5.1 bug fix 26.4.2020)


Versions that may work - but please use the latest release

Version (9.6.2020) Accommodate changes to ringingroom's format.

Version 0.6 not issued

Version 0.7 Limited circulation

Version 0.7.1a 16.6.2020 - adds many features including  support for all platforms, improved performance with noisy switches, choice of sensor point to use.

Version 0.7.1e 21.6.2020 - improved efficiency and accuracy of timing, bug fixes, simplified installation and modification of user parameters, etc. - may crash at installation use 0.7.1f

Version 0.7.1f 21.6.2020 - bug fix

Version 0.7.1f1

Version 0.7.1f_h1 Up/down handbells support

Several testing versions for limited distribution only

Version 0.7.3.  auto-correction of missed and spurious strikes - has bug do not use

Version 0.7.3b Improved performance for slow computers. - has bug do not use

Version 0.7.3b3 Minor improvements - & faster - withdrawn

Version 0.7.3b4 Minor improvements - & faster - has bug do not use

Version 0.7.3b5 bug fix

Version 0.7.3b6 precaution re sensor ON at start


Version 0.8.1b_ss Revised method for detecting sensor data should mean dumbbells creating very short impulses are now  supported 

Version 0.8.2 Short false signals from electrical interference suppressed (except for very short impulse installations) (note Bagley input does not work)

Version 0.8.2c  Autoplayer can now ring methods and touches - good for getting used to ringing room interface. Permanent .ini alterations now possible. Bug fix to cope with alterations to Firefox. Bug fix for failed Bagley input.

Version 0.8.2d Autoplayer - improved useability. Log and composition library files now in subfolders.

Version 0.8.2d1 Bug fix for bespoke.ini

Version 0.8.2d2 Autoplayer improvements

Version 0.8.2d3 Bug fix autoplayer on 12 bells

Version 0.8.2d4 Timing Bug fix, reduced diagnostic output, improved clapper timing delay for single sensor in Ringing room (only)

Version 0.8.2d5 bespoke.ini read bug fix

version 0.8.3 Option for variable sensor delay with ringing speed. Bug fixes.

version 0.8.3a variable sensor delay with ringing speed ON is now the default.

version 0.8.3b bug fix reading .ini files

version 0.8.3c Every touch set to start ringing with dumbbell set at handstroke. (If bell is set at at back, turn bell over and wait for new touch.)



Please use the simple instructions provided for each version.


Let me know if there are any problems. 


R H Johnston 6.4.2020, 15.4.2020, 20.4.2020, 8.6.2020, 9.6.2020, 16.6.2020, 21.6.2020, 6.7.2020, 10.7.2020, 22.7.2020, 25.7.2020, 27.7.2020, 16.11.2020 3.12.2020, 4.1.2021, 27.1.2021, 14.10.2021, 22.4.2022, 26.4.2022, 16.5.2021, 29.5.2022

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