Interface for Using a Mobile Phone as a Handbell-like controller as Input to Ringing Room, Abel and Muster.



Abel is a well known Computer simulator.  Muster is an enhancement that allows handbell ringers to ring together using Abel. provides a virtual belfry environment for ringers to ring together at a distance. They all accept keystrokes - not a real ringing experience. 


Using controllers, with real ringers on every bell or pairs of hand bells, it is now possible to ring performances which meet the Central Council framework criteria for peals.  Now mobile phones can serve as controllers.


iPhone.  The (free) iPhone app "Minibell" is now in the Apple app store. It does not need this program.  Installation and use details are provided here





Phone Handbell Interface v0.5.1 (c) R H Johnston, 29.4.2020


The program is available here - it does not require installation and can be run from anywhere.

Instructions are on the opening screen, which stays open for reference. 

Move focus to the program to be used before ringing

V0.1 First release 19.4.2020

V0.2 Bug fix. 21.4.2020 

V0.3b Improved striking sensitivity - corrected early handstroke strikes

V0.4 Improved striking algorithm

v0.5 Improved striking algorithm 26.4.2020

v0.5.1 Minor changes 29.4.2020



An alternative program which uses the configurable Handbell Manager interface and is safe from creating rogue keystrokes is here.  You will need to use the modified version of Handbell Manager with it to reach Ringing Room.  The alternative program can be used toi use mobile phones with Handbell Stadium.


The following instructions appear on screen


It uses Android (v5+) mobile phones as dummy handbell controllers
 This program sends keys strokes j and f to the current window that has  focus, so USE WITH CARE- Keystrokes to other programs might cause problems, as discussed above!
It is hardwired to work with Ringing Room and Abel ringing windows, and has default settings that should normally work ok.


Firstly Open your browser and go to and open a room, or open Abel at a ringing window, and give them focus. 


WARNING:  This MUST be done first, because the current version of the program sends keystrokes to whatever program currently has focus (i.e is the active window on the screen)


The program does not protect you against misuse - if you operate the controllers with another program's window open it will get the keystrokes (j or f) , which could have unexpected, inconvenient, possibly catastrophic effects, if those keystrokes make the program do something unexpected.  No liability can be accepted for any such misuse.



To use, for each phone (up to 2),install HyperIMU from Google Play


Open it, and Tap the 3bars top left,


select 'sensor list',

     turn on one marked as being an accelerometer.


Select Settings,

      Stream Protocol UDP, Sampling rate 15 (ignore warning),

     Server IP address - that of your computer on network,- a list will be displayed of possible addresses to try, but probably only one will work.
     Server port number 5555; 



     turn on Timestamp.

Start HyperIMU, swing & stop the phone like a handbell.  Hold it so the narrow top side of phone is where the clapper would be with the screen facing away from palms, so two phones face each other

The program will report it has started receiving

In use there are some adjustments possible using the keyboard
ESC = quit. 
HyperIMU can chart output - blue bottom R corner - this can be useful, but the phone stops streaming to the computer
 J/K, F/G make controller 1/2 more/less sensitive to accelerations - helpful if you are having problems striking, or to adjust the time of strike
 +/- lengthens/shortens the Debounce period after a blow has struck - this is the time after a strike when no strikes will be allowed.
D diagnostic output acceleration, angles x,y,z On/Off  - this gives information only needed for reporting problems back to me.


Once the program is running return focus to Ringing Room or Abel.


Let me know if there are any problems.


R H Johnston 6.4.2020, 15.4.2020, 20.4.2020, 21.4.2020, 25.4.2020, 26.4.2020, 29.4.2020, 21.5.2020, 25.7.2020


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