Mobile Phone Interface for Handbell Manager and Handbell Stadium (Safe and configurable)


Phone Handbell Interface for Handbell Manager  v0.2 (c) R H Johnston, 22.4.2020


This Interface allows iPhone and Android and mobile phones to be used with Handbell Manager and Handbell Stadium in a safe way in place of the ActionXL controllers.


The program is available here - it does not require installation and can be run from anywhere, 

 but the two .dll files vJoyInterface.dll and vJoyInterfaceWrap.dll MUST be in the same folder.


Versions: v0.1 20.4.2020 had a bug and did not work, sorry

v0.2 22.4.2020



On the PC


It works in conjunction with a virtual joystick emulator vJoy, which runs on Win 7 upwards


Download it from here


Once installed, open the  "Configure vJoy" link


A window comes up with tiny tick buttons across the top with hard to see numbers in them.


It will say vJoy Device: 1


You want X Y and Z ticked. All other buttons unticked and Buttons 0


Tick the next tab right on second line of little ticks at the top This is vJoy Device: 2


click AddDevice

Same configuration as device 1


Make sure box bottom left is ticked (Enable vJoy)   [ if you need to turn vJoy off (because you have ActionXL controllers you want to use this is where you do it]



On an Android mobile phone

The setup of the mobile phone is the same as that for the interface for mobile phones for Ringing Room


Install HyperIMU from Google Play  


Open it, and Tap the 3bars top left,


select 'sensor list',

     turn on one that is marked as being an accelerometer.


Select Settings,

      Stream Protocol UDP, Sampling rate 15 (ignore the warning),

     Server IP address - that of your computer on network,- a list will be displayed of possible addresses to try, but probably only one will work.
     Server port number 5555; 



     turn on Timestamp.

Start HyperIMU, swing & stop the phone like a handbell.  Hold it so the narrow top side of phone is where the clapper would be with the screen facing away from palms, so two phones face each other



Start the interface program.  It will report it has started feeding.  It will pick up the data from the phones.  


Then open Handbell Manager and check the "bells" are present, and use the monitor window to check what is being received.


In standard form, with Z as the axis in Handbell manager, the bell will ring correctly if you have the phone screen facing upwards.


To use the phones as recommended above change the axis to X. 

For the phone in your RIGHT hand, phone screen facing left, change settings to be the Negative of the normal settings (so standard Handstroke strike 100 becomes -100, and standard backstroke -600 becomes +600).

The settings  for the phone in your LEFT hand, phone screen facing left, you only need to change the axis setting to X



iPhone (program provided by David Wilson)


The (free) iPhone app "Minibell" is now in the Apple app store.  It has been tested as working with the PC program on Win10.



Let me know if there are any problems.


R H Johnston 20.4.2020, 23.4.2020, 21.5.2020

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