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Sound files for Abel and Beltower

Page history last edited by R H Johnston 1 year, 10 months ago

Sound files for Abel and Beltower


These were designed for Abel which allows fully customised bell sounds, and easy installation. (In Abel unzip the files into Abel's "bells" subfolder)

(The sound files can be used with Beltower, but each file has to be added to the Sound Library)


Exeter Cathedral bells (12 in Bflat)  Classic bell sounds from the world's 2nd heaviest ringing peal, with bells dating from the C17 to C20.  Normally use as a 12 at a peal ringing speed of about 4hr 15min.


Crediton bells (12 in D)  Very clear sound from modern bells  Normally use as a 12 at a peal speed of about 3h 30min.


RingingRoom tower sound files for Abel (upto 16 in C)


Spoken bell numbers - this is intended to be used for initial rhythm training when the learner is ringing a bell and has to learn to count 123456 and place his PULL at the right point in the sequence. The simulation should be done in rounds at an appropriate speed, and the learner rings a method by placing his bell in the correct place position. For details of this usage see The Craft of Bellringing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLMiK-TMyPI) at 22mins 25secs onwards.  Note the learner in the video has at this stage not yet rung with other people.  The tenor note is adjusted to allow numbers of bells between 4 and 12.


Spoken bell numbers with sound of the bell behind  - similar to the previous, but with the sound of Crediton bells behind.  The tenor note is adjusted to allow numbers of bells between 4 and 12.  Can be useful in helping a learner to link the sound of a bell with the number of the bell when ringing a method.  The sound is stereo, so the balance between the sound of the bell numbers and hte sound of the bells can be adjusted using your sound card adjustments.


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