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How the best ringers ring differently from the typical novice

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How the best ringers ring differently from the typical novice


Best ringers

- use rhythm - this is not simply intellectually, but also use the physicality of the bell.  Learn how to make particular method “units” as a physical pull procedure.  (Becomes obvious if a pice of work is included that is unfamiliar as it is not rung so well.)

- (usually) ring efficiently - use no more effort than necessary

- the very best ringers have a style where the bell is always in motion.

- they ring smoothly - each blow flows to the next with the timing just right - apparently effortlessly, because the lightest correct and smoothest pull has been made to acheive it



- typicially use a jerk and stop style, which is inimical to ringing rhythmically

- concentration on following other people results in complete dependance on what *other* people do to decide when to pull

- don't have complete control of the bell at all bell heights and circumstances

- usually can only ring a small bell with any adequacy

- cannot "move the bell around" in a predictable fashion

- cannot compensate for odd-struckness because their approach to ringing is visual.


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