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Ringer attitude survey used by North East Branch Guild of Devonshire Ringers

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North East Branch Ringer Development Questionaire

Purpose: to help NEB Branch Committee help ringers develop their skills

Return completed questionaire to any of the NE Branch Committee


1a. Name (needed so NEB can help you):

1b. Tower:

1c. M/F?       1d. Age:                   1e. How long have you been a ringer?

1f. What I ring (circle all that apply): Rounds/ Call changes/ Plain hunt/ Bob doubles inside/ Bob doubles touches/ Stedman doubles./ Plain Bob minor/ Treble Bob minor/ Surprise minor/ Plain bob triples/ Grandsire triples/ Stedman triples/ Plain bob major/ Surprise major+

1g. I have rung quarter peal as cover / quarter peal on treble/ quarter peal inside / peal


2. How do you feel about ringing? (circle the question numbers that apply)

2a. I ring at my own tower practice night and/or Sundays

2b. I feel happy with the ringing opportunities I get with my local band

2c. I like visiting other towers with my local band

2d. I like visiting other towers' practice nights, when I can go with a friend

2e. I like visiting other towers' practice nights and happily go on my own

2f. I like going to Branch meetings and practices

2g1./2g2. I visit other towers to improve my own ringing/ help those bands improve

2h. I am quite happy just to ring what I know already

2i. I enjoy learning new things in ringing.

2j. I wish I had more opportunities to improve my ringing

2k. I don’t want to spend any more time ringing than I do now

2l. I feel a bit stuck in making progress with my ringing

2m. I don’t really know how to go about improving my ringing

2n1./2n2./2n3. I like ringing long touches / quarter peals / peals

2o1./2o2./2o3. I’d like more long touches/ quarter peals/ peals but have little opportunity

2p. I like ringing as accurately as possible, and am always striving to improve

2q. For me, ringing is one hobby, and I can’t give it much time

2r. Ringing is a large part of what I do with my free time.

2s. The social side of ringing (such as going to the pub afterwards) is important to me

2t1./2t2. I ring to support the work of the church/ because it is a "village" activity

2u1./2u2./2u3. I like the sound of bells ringing / the physical exercise / the company

2v. Anything else that you feel about ringing? (specify – use back of this sheet)....


3. What are your current ringing ambitions? (circle a) or answer b) onwards– use the back of this sheet for your answers)

3a. I don't really have any, as I am quite happy just to continue ringing what I ring now

3b. Within the next 12 months, I would like to reach these target(s) (specify)....


3c. How do you hope to achieve these ambitions? (specify, on back) …

3d. Can your local band provide all you need to achieve them?  (y/n)

3e. Can North East Branch activities provide what you need?    (y/n)

3f. In each case, if so, how, and if not why not? (specify on back)….

3g. Would it help you achieve your ambitions if the Branch could find you a personal guide/trainer/mentor whom you could turn to, who would guide your ringing development and perhaps help arrange the ringing opportunities that you need?  (y/n)

3h.  Could you help guide someone else’s progress as in 3g?  (y/n)

NEBq v2 6.1.2015

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